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The election of 2012 was the most massive criminally fraudulent election in America’s entire history.

I was originally going to title this article “Reflections on a STRANGE election” but I decided against that because to millions of Americans this was definitely NOT a “strange” election.

Americans have been warning other Americans for well over a year now that what took place on November 6th 2012 was in the works and it needed to be stopped. But as always, Americans have, --- which has been proven time and time again for decades ---, the shortest attention span of all people on this planet and as always were just too busy with their personal lives to concern themselves with their nation until it was too late. It is also because of American's short attention span that I needed to begin this article all the way back to 2004.

Before it was finally unified as the Socialist Party of America, the Democrat party had already been using some of the techniques to steal elections that were used on November 6th 2012, but only in certain areas.

I was in the State of Maryland on business during the 1994 elections when Bill Clinton got his head handed to him on a platter and was forced to reverse his policies by a complete republican takeover of congress. A reversal that resulted in among other things a balanced budget which he naturally took personal credit for years later. But during that election was the Gubernatorial Election in Maryland where a Democrat candidate named Glendenning who was not expected to win the Governor’s Office DID win. The morning after the election radio stations were full of people calling in to report that the Republican Poll watchers were ordered to leave the polling stations under penalty of arrest, while bus loads of people were being brought in, registered and voting even AFTER the polls had officially closed. The result was Glendenning being declared the winner. That was one occasion where I happened to have been in an area at the time such open voter fraud was occurring. I am quite sure that those reading this article all over this nation are able to remember similar situations occurring in their own states over the years.

It was in the 2000 Presidential election where Al Gore was losing and conceded the election to George W. Bush, which so much angered the leftist Medias that they immediately tried to reverse the decision of the voters and claimed that Gore may have actually been winning. The result of their attempt to sway the election was a fiasco which lasted weeks before the need to have the courts finally end the spectacle. But it was in that particular election that the use of electronic voting machines first came into question because of the ability of those machines to be tampered with and to change the actual vote of the voters using them. Democrats tried to claim foul, sighting the vulnerability of those machines and contested the entire election, but ultimately failed in their contention. However, the vulnerability of those machines and the potential to use that flaw in them to sway future elections never left the minds of those in control of the Socialist Party.

The 2008 Presidential primary season signaled to all Americans that things were most definitely about to change for this country and it was most definitely NOT to be a change for the better.

Hillary Clinton, --- though inexperienced in most everything with no real background to run on other than she was Bill Clinton’s wife and as a result of that title was given the position of U.S. Senator in New York ---, had been considered by all in the socialist party to be their nominee for President in 2008. However, a very serious mistake was made on the part of the Clinton’s who up to that point had primary control of most of the socialist party. Being well versed in potential political outcomes and knowing that there was no way to beat Bush in the 2004 election, the Clinton’s and their associates decided to sit that election out and give the election to Bush and the Republicans by running a nitwit phony as the socialist party presidential candidate in 2004. They chose John Kerry. BUT … the mistake they made was WHO they chose to deliver the keynote address at their convention. They chose yet another nobody without any experience in anything at all. He had never as much as held a real job. But he was a junior Senator from Illinois who acquired even that position via dubious means. He was tied to the totally corrupt Chicago political system and THAT alone should have warned the Clintons not to make that mistake. But the Clinton’s were far too into themselves as the self appointed king and queen of the socialists. He was a good looking young man who read his teleprompter so perfectly that people actually thought he was GIVING his arousing speech instead of just reading it. Add to that the fact that he was partially black, he fit right into the socialist scheme where they always try to completely disavow the history of the Democrat party as the party of slavery and present the illusion that they are and always have been just the opposite, and all too many in that party are actually stupid enough to believe it. What the Clinton’s did not even anticipate is that the American Medias who were for many decades far more to the communist left than even the Clinton’s were, would instantly fall in love with him. From that night on they kept badgering him with “Are you going to run for President in 2008”.

It did not take the Medias long to look into his past and find out that he was born and raised to be an extreme anti American communist and as such he fit perfectly into their own agenda for this country. Way more so than even the Clintons. They noticed he also had an extremely strong ego problem and THAT could be used to persuade him to run. The ONLY real problem was that he was NOT QUALIFIED to hold or even run for the office of President because he had DUAL citizenship. However, the Constitution of the United States doesn’t mean anything at all to the communist left and as such that illegality could be effectively ignored and dealt with if ever brought up.

Knowing the tremendous power that goes with that office he agreed and immediately the project to hide his past was put underway. Sealing all of his records they could find that would lead to his actual place of birth. College records, travel records … EVERYTHING they could find. They could not hide the fact that the person listed as his father was not an American citizen, but they could just ignore that fact and try to claim that the Constitution actually says that only one parent needs to be an American. Again, there are many who are blatantly stupid enough to believe that as well.

As many records as could be located were hidden or sealed in time for the 2008 primaries to begin. Any records that didn’t exist such as Selective Service registration were forged to give the impression of qualified citizenship. When those socialist primaries began, even the Clinton’s had no idea that the Medias were now against them winning that nomination. They had a better candidate that fit more into their agenda for this country.

The 2008 Iowa Caucus was the experiment to see if a Soviet Style election could actually succeed. It succeeded without any real problem. Far more votes than voters and it was allowed to stand. Texas was next and it succeeded there as well. Only with Texas there came opposition to not only the vote count but as to just HOW the vote was conducted. Anger grew among the Socialist Party membership until it reached a point where those who had protested what was taking place actually put up a You Tube Video titled “We Will Not Be Silenced”, which caused a massive exodus from the Socialist / Democrat Party to begin. A membership disassociation that would continue to increase over the next four years.

As they gained more headway in each of the Socialist primaries they began to add voter intimidation techniques to their operation as well. Not actually doing anything other than having their goons stand near the polling places as if to say “if you don’t vote for obama we will hurt you” and in ALL the predominantly socialist areas that they did this, they were ALLOWED to get away with it.

In THEIR four years in office the Clinton’s had used their control over the FBI to gather information on anyone and everyone they could think of and they had no qualms about threatening to use that information against anyone at all that didn’t comply with their wishes. But in one respect the Clinton’s were naïve. They failed to realize that the Chicago political structure is by far the most corrupt political structure in the nation. They feared no one and obama was a product of that system. It was that corrupt structure that made him an Illinois State Senator and then made him a U.S. Senator. Now they were on their way to attaining the most valued prize of all … the White House and nothing and no one was going to stop them. Not even the Clintons.

It was during the socialist primaries and on national television that Hillary Clinton openly leveled her threat to expose obama as attempting to commit the biggest criminal fraud ever perpetrated on and against the United States. She openly laid out that obama “might not” be qualified to run for the office of President. Both her and her husband knew very well and all along that obama was not qualified, but she laid out her threat in such a way as to give him the opportunity to bow out of the primary on his own.

It was at that point that the Clintons learned that not only was the Chicago political machine not fearful of her and her husband but that the communist left Medias also were no longer on their side. Her round about accusation was deflected not only by obama but by the leftist Medias as well. However … it WAS picked up by the online Publication World Net Daily and Millions of actual American Patriots who believe in this nations Constitution and demand that it be upheld.

From the moment of Clinton’s disclosure and continuing on every day since, obama and the communist left has had to continually deflect and defend their anti Constitution stance by inventing the word “birther” to be used as a derogatory term against any and all who want America’s Constitution upheld, all the way to producing a fraudulent long form birth certificate to place online for all to see. A long form birth certificate that not only was exposed as a complete forgery within minutes of it being placed on line by the White House, but a fraudulent birth certificate that was even admitted in a court of law by one of obama’s own attorney’s to be a forgery. But that same attorney had the audacity to say that obama’s popularity “TRUMPS” the Constitution of the United States.

Through the rest of the socialist primary of 2008, the same voter fraud techniques were used by the Chicago political machine in almost every state until the primary was over and obama was to be declared the “winner”.

On the other side of the political aisle, if there was any doubt whatsoever that the Republican Party hierarchy and the socialist party hierarchy cooperate with each other on elections, that doubt was brought to an abrupt end. John McCain was on the bottom of the choices in the Republican Party Primary and was all set to bow out of contention when suddenly he received a large influx of cash and Pravda West (aka the New York Times) suddenly started backing him as the only “logical choice” for the Republicans. Then one by one ALL those in the Republican Primary that were ahead of McCain suddenly began to drop out of contention leaving McCain the Republican nominee which angered so very many Republicans that Millions of them actually sat out the election of 2008 paving the way for obama, the very first Unconstitutionally qualified person ever in America’s history to win the White House.

The four years following the election of 2008 were totally predictable by anyone at all who is familiar with the devastation of Marxist Socialism. Unemployment skyrocketed, Millions more Americans were forced into the food stamp and other welfare programs, our borders were opened even wider for any and all to just walk into this country and all those that did were rewarded by being placed into the welfare systems of this country. Our nations’ debt increased by 50% and this nations’ credit rating was downgraded for the very first time in our history. Our military was demoralized by not only the forcing of the military’s acceptance of open sexual perversion, but those that were now allowed into the military were given more protection than the morally straight personnel. We saw American money being given to the radical Muslim brotherhood to fund their overthrow of Egypt and Libya. Adding to all of that was the largest tax increase ever in the history of the nation as well, designed to further bankrupt this nation as more businesses are now being forced to permanently close their doors thus bringing in even less tax money to the government. The leftist Medias had to work overtime to defend their man in America’s White House by labeling every single protest against this anti American Marxist as well as against every misfit he placed into his administration as being nothing more than “racist” remarks. As American’s became more angry the race card was played to the point where Americans were finally becoming immune to the attempted labeling, and the majority in this nation began to actually count the days until the election of 2012.

Why the Republican hierarchy even wasted time allowing a primary to take place is still puzzling to most people because it was obviously decided by them back in 2008 that Mitt Romney was to be the nominee in 2012. However, beginning more than a year before the election the Republican primaries got underway. All those primaries accomplished was to give the leftist Medias the opportunity to ridicule any and all non communists. Many people, myself included, way back in 2011 published articles stating that Romney was chosen back in 2008 to be the nominee in 2012. But the “show” must be played out.

The primaries were over. Many people were upset that their preferred candidate did not acquire the nomination but people began to pull together and unify. Many liked Romney because he was immensely qualified on the business level and as such was well able to reverse the ever increasing unemployment rate and finally get people working again. He was totally in favor of allowing America to once again acquire its own energy being that this nation has more oil and natural gas and coal that all of the rest of the world combined. He knew that the energy field alone would create millions of jobs as well as millions more jobs in fields requiring the oil that this country possesses. Millions were unifying behind Romney, but likewise Millions more were voting for him ONLY because they were voting AGAINST communism. The crowds showing up at the Romney / Ryan events were growing so large that many had to be turned away. There was an actual energy surging across this entire nation that had not been seen or felt since Reagan ran against Carter and the shamble HE made of our economy and nation. Everywhere one looked there were Romney / Ryan yard signs, bumper stickers, window signs and even handmade anti obama pro Romney signs.

The larger the Romney crowds grew, the smaller the obama crowds became. In fact they became so small that organizers had to book his events into smaller settings and even then had to make sure that the cameras only focused on people near the stage because there were not very many more people there than those near the stages. However … as poorly attended as his events were, obama never even once looked concerned. In fact he continued to party with his Hollywood friends as if he didn’t have a concern in the world. THAT should have been a tip off to what was on the horizon. But no one seemed to take any real notice.

Many months earlier obama had personally contracted a foreign company named SCYTL to tally the votes in the 2012 elections. An act that literally outraged Americans and they began to contact their congressmen and senators by the hundreds of thousands demanding that no foreign company be allowed any involvement in America’s elections. It was bad enough that the socialists were doing all that they could get away with to allow non citizens who entered this country illegally, to be able to illegally vote in America’s elections. Americans did not want any direct foreign involvement in our elections and especially involvement from a company in a predominantly socialist country. A decade earlier it was learned just how easy it is to manipulate the vote count in the electronic vote tabulators and Americans were also demanding a return to paper ballots, especially for the coming elections of 2012. ALL that these rightfully concerned American Patriots received back from the politicians in Washington was a generic form letter telling them not to worry that everything would be alright. There is no reason to suspect those machines and no reason to suspect foreign involvement in America’s elections. It was at that point that many Americans began to suspect the potential for not just election fraud, but massive election fraud and began to suspect that in order to win with 51% of the vote; Romney may very well need to secure 65 – 70% of the vote. But with the anti communist, socialist wave that was surging across the nation, many also began to think that would not be hard to attain.

Then came the debates. Romney totally destroyed and made a complete fool of obama in the first debate. The ONLY concern about that complete humiliation came from the leftist Medias. Obama continued to party as if he didn’t have a care in the world. The crowds at Romney events grew larger still. To make obama look better in the following debates the media apparently gave obama and his cohorts the “spontaneous” questions to be asked ahead of time so he could prepare his answers and not look so foolish. He even messed THAT up and Candy Crowley had to come to his defense in the second debate with a blatant lie of her own right there on national television. But obama still didn’t show any concern and still continued to party with his Hollywood friends. The vice Presidential debate found Ryan making a fool of Biden, but not as much of a fool as Biden showed himself to be. The Romney / Ryan crowds continued to grow and the energy felt at those rallies could be felt nationwide. But obama only continued to party showing no concern at all. Romney won all of the debates, Ryan won his debate and America was feeling the energy of relief that laid just over the horizon from a serious mistake that was made four years prior.

Election Day finally arrived to the welcomed relief of millions who now thought they saw an end to the four year long mistake. Early voting had been at record numbers and all the early voting showed Romney winning by at least five points. Lines at the polls on Election Day were expectedly long but people didn’t seem to mind.

THEN came the election night coverage on national television. Like millions of others I sat and watched as the early returns were announced. At first it was 40 electoral votes for Romney and 3 for obama. Many people now began to think it was going to be a win for Romney similar to Nixon’s win over Mondale. SUDDENLY it all began to change as state after state began to be called for obama. I personally watched the returns on Fox where I saw Sheppard Smith almost wetting himself with glee as the states were being called for obama. He was interviewing some socialist “strategists” who were talking about their “get out the vote strategy” that was now “paying off”, referring to what they had done as searching out the “specs of gold” as opposed to going after the “nuggets”. Smith was smiling so hard that I actually thought his cheek muscles would cramp.

BUT … on the screen behind him something didn’t appear to be correct. They had called Louisiana for Romney with only 3% of the vote in. Yet the board showed obama winning by a margin of 52 – 47. They called Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin for obama with 4% of the vote in and Romney was winning that state by 54 – 46. And Romney continued to stay in the lead for a couple of hours after that. I checked other stations and they were showing the exact same thing and likewise calling the same results. HOW could they make the calls that they did? They couldn’t claim “exit polling” because with what was on their own boards, the exit polls would have reflected the results being shown on their own boards. ALL through the night they were calling states for obama with only a minimal of votes being shown as tallied, and they were for the most part calling states with the OPPOSITE showing on their boards. They were doing the same with states they called for Romney. WHY? What did they know that wasn’t being shown? They all called the election for obama around 11:20 PM.

America was in shock. Not only were America’s Patriots stunned by the results, but even the socialists, though happy with what they saw, were stunned as well. They had ALL seen the national anti communist, socialist surge taking place nationwide and yet the results were totally contrary.

The biggest shocker of the night was Romney himself. No expressed outrage at all. It was almost like “Oh well ... we tried”. THAT angered the patriotic Americans even more than the “strange results” of the election.

The following morning damage control was in full force. To keep the Patriotic Americans calm, claims were being made about the existence of totally new “demographics” that explained the results. “Demographics” that every single professional polling company never knew existed until election night? Even Rush Limbaugh got into it claiming that three million registered republicans did not vote. Claiming that the turnout for Romney by registered Republicans was LESS than the turnout of registered Republicans for McCain back in 2008? Even the simplest of minds knew THAT was not the truth. But the “new demographics” story was the one that would continue to be claimed over the weeks to come until it was felt that Americans were calmed down enough.

However … what actually turned out to be was that THE ELECTION OF 2012 WAS THE MOST MASSIVE CRIMINALLY FRAUDULENT ELECTION IN AMERICA’S HISTORY. Outright DICTATORS in Third World counties have never received the percentage of votes in their “elections” that obama received in this nations “election”. The odds are that Romney actually won that election. In fact not only won it, but won it by the wide margin predicted. But uncontested massive voter fraud negated that win.

JOSEPH STALIN once said “It does not matter how many vote. What matters is WHO counts those votes”. IF he was alive today, the American election of 2012 would not have made Stalin proud … it would have made him envious.

So sure were they that the socialists who now control America’s department of Justice, would never even think of prosecuting anyone who voted more than once as long as they were voting communist, socialists even began to post notices up on the web bragging how during the early voting they had voted several times. One even put a picture of himself and his family sitting on their front steps bragging that he had voted at least THREE times during the early voting and was going to vote again in the general election. In fact all over America, socialists were actually encouraging other socialists to “vote early and vote often”. How many got away with it? More than likely a great many in the socialist controlled districts. However, this paragraph only pertained to early voting. The REAL fiasco was on Election Day.

In precincts all over the so-called swing states Republican poll judges were illegally barred from entering the polling stations. Those precincts “strangely” went 100% for obama. Not even one vote for Romney. In Ohio, even solid Republican counties voted 100% for obama. In another area a voter used his cell phone to video the poll attendant hand the voter in front of him TWO ballots when he only received ONE. Add to that, -- according to the Columbus Dispatch -- as high as 20% of the registered voters in Ohio are INELIGIBLE to vote to begin with. And according to them the total number of registered voters in Ohio EXCEEDS the number of people even old enough to vote. But vote they most certainly did, and strangely enough … ALL for obama. In Cuyahoga county Ohio all 100 precincts recorded 100% of the votes for obama and ZERO for Romney? In Pennsylvania where accredited pre-election polling showed Romney to be favored even in that socialist stronghold, obama got 100% of the vote in ALL 59 voting divisions in Philadelphia? And THAT was just Ohio and Pennsylvania. In St Lucie County in FLORIDA, precinct 93 had a grand total of SEVEN REGISTERED VOTERS but “somehow” managed to cast 900 socialist favoring ballots. Clear across this nation in all areas where the socialists had been successful in stopping voter ID laws, anyone at all could just walk in, receive a ballot and vote and it was reported that they most definitely did.

Now to those electronic vote tabulators. Clear across this nation and particularly in the “swing” states people who were voting for Romney complained that the machine registered their vote for obama instead. They tried again and it registered for obama yet again. A few said that the third time was a charm and it finally registered for Romney. But did it really? Or did they actually cast TWO votes for obama and ONE for Romney? A poll watcher contacted the online publication World Net Daily and informed them that up to 10 percent of the ballots cast at a polling station in Pennsylvania reverted to a default, which gave Barack Obama a vote no matter who the voter had selected. Is anyone actually foolish enough to believe that was just one isolated incident? Back in 1972 when Richard Nixon so soundly defeated Walter Mondale, even Nixon never received 100% of the vote in ANY precinct ANYWHERE in this entire nation.

Never before in the entire history of this nation has a national election been so corrupt. Never before in the entire history of this nation has criminal voter fraud been so openly committed.

And what was the Republican Party answer to all of this? Nothing much more than “Oh Well”. Later when they were pushed to give a better answer they disclosed an agreement that the Republican Party had with the communist, socialist aka The Democrat Party in which each agreed not to contest voter fraud?


THAT statement alone shows where the true interest of the Republican Party lays and that interest is most definitely NOT in the best interest of the American citizens. THAT AGREEMENT PROVES that the Republican Party is no better than the socialist party. THAT AGREEMENT should be a clear sign to ALL citizens that both of those parties have an agenda and that agenda is far from the vision our founders had for this country.

This past “election” needs to be completely redone. Only THIS TIME with the election being overseen by the military because there is really no other group that can be unbiased. The socialist government we now have in place most definitely cannot be trusted. The police cannot be trusted because they are unionized and the unions have PROVEN themselves to be enemies of the American people. In fact one of those unions, the SEIU has openly admitted they are communist. This is how far down America has plunged. But this election NEEDS to be redone and it needs to be an HONEST election this time around.

Will it happen? No. American citizens are now on the losing end and they may have already lost their country. Many of us stressed the importance of at least stopping the communist, socialist agenda for a while with this election because if we didn’t do that we just may not have any more free elections after this one. I’m beginning to think that it may already be too late and our last free election was in 2000.

The following four links should be of interested to anyone who truly cares about this nation and the freedoms that were established for us by our founders. The first three videos deal with electronic voting machine fraud and just how easy it is to manipulate the outcome of those machines. Two of these were studies done by Princeton University. The other was a testimony in a courtroom that should be of EXTREME INTEREST to EVERYONE.

The fourth link is to a newly established discussion site offering a potential alternative to BOTH of the corrupt major political parties in this country. It is even an alternative to other political parties as well because that site is for people to establish what THEY would like to see in a political party as opposed to just accepting what others have decided should be a political platform.

  1. The Courtroom Video
  2. Fox News video talking about electronic voter machine fraud
  3. A Princeton University released video about manipulating electronic voter machines
  4. A discussion site setup as a potential alternative to BOTH corrupt major political parties
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